Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation (MSISR)

Applications for Fall scholarships will continue to be accepted by an NROTC Unit affiliated with a Minority Serving Institution until 29 February. If interested, contact the NSTC Candidate Guidance Office or the NROTC Unit at the Minority Serving Institution Tuskegee University for further Information.

NROTC has a limited number of scholarships available for students to attend MSI schools, which encompass Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), High Hispanic Enrollment (HHE) schools, and other Minority Institutions (MI). If you are interested in attending Tuskegee University, apply for an MSI scholarship by completing the electronic application on this website which will be available through 31 January 2016 or by using the paper PDF application available after 31 January 2016 and contacting the Tuskegee University NROTC Unit Basic Eligibility Criteria. Applicants may be of any gender, race, or ethnic background and must meet all Navy-Option NROTC Scholarship eligibility requirements as well as:

-- Must be a Navy Option applicant (Marine Corps and Nurse Corps Option applicants are not eligible).
-- Qualifying scores on Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Test (ACT):

SAT: 520 Math; 530 Verbal/Critical Reading
ACT: 21 Math; 22 English
SAT/ACT Math and English / Critical Reading scores can be from two different tests; applicants can combine best Math w/ best English / Critical Reading scores to achieve qualifying scores.

-- Applicants must apply to one of the NROTC affiliated MSIs (Tuskegee University) if not currently enrolled.
-- Applicants must be admitted to the MSI(Tuskegee University) in order to use their scholarship if selected..

_ All MSISR Applicants must conduct an NROTC Applicant Fitness Assessment (AFA) and provide their scores to the Tuskegee University NROTC Unit in order for their application to be considered complete and forwarded for consideration by the selection board.
_ The test consists of abdominal crunches, push-ups, and a one-mile run. The purpose of the test is to evaluate your level of physical fitness.
_ The test can be administered by any physical education instructor, athletics coach, an active duty officer, active duty E-7 or NJROTC instructor.
_ Applicants accustomed to regular physical activity should have no difficulty with the AFA.
_ Being properly conditioned prior to reporting to your NROTC Unit cannot be overemphasized.
_ You will be far better prepared to meet the stringent physical demands of the NROTC Program if you maintain a high level of physical fitness during high school.

See the following links for details of how to conduct the AFA.

_ Applicant Fitness Assessment Instructions
_ Applicant Fitness Assessment Score Sheet

MSISR nomination must be submitted via the NROTC Unit affiliated with the Minority Serving Institution you wish to attend. Make sure to include high school, ACT or SAT transcripts with applications, and any recommendation letters that you may have. 


You should apply from January 1 until February 28 via the NROTC Unit of the school if you wish to attend. The Tuskegee University NROTC recruiting officer's number is (334) 724-4203 or (334) 724-4994.